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Vision and Mission
Our company’s longevity and long term success and development is of utmost importance to us. We view this as something that can only be accomplished by also giving due attention to noneconomic factors and weighing in the needs of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and any other connected social groups, which makes economy, society and ecology inextricably linked in ENERGON's business vision and practices.
The average age of our employees is under 30 years and we gladly offer competent young people opportunities for professional and personal development. But we also aim to conduct ourselves with even younger, future generations in mind, and because of that we see contributing to resource conservation, environmental protection and overall well-being of employees and society as our duty and legacy.

Economic Responsibility
  • Securing constant liquidity
  • Added value increasement
  • Longevity through growth and development

    Environmental Responsibility
  • Lifecycle approach to facility management
  • Meeting or exceeding all environmental standards

    Social Responsibility
  • Employee care (health, education, general well-being)
  • Donations and sponsorships

    Donations and Sponsorships
    Following its development strategy as a socially responsible company, ENERGON Facility Management Ltd. was active for many years in the area of sponsorship of charitable activities, science and education, culture and art, sports, sustainable development and health. Our goal is to create a society of knowledge and to create perspectives for young people.
    Through sponsorships and donations we actively participate in the surroundings in which we work, and we offer support to a variety of cultural events, so we became donors to a known academically trained painter - graphic artist Gordana Pogledić Jančetić who, after graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb in 2001, tried herself in all areas of fine art, painting, graphics, computer graphics, design, and photography.
    In health care, we help those in need. Mrs. Nada Ivanić suffers from severe obstructive sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder which causes her breathing to stop around 170 times per night and her heart to stop beating up to 240 times. For this retiree with a small pension we purchased the needed medical equipment - a machine that blows in air through a nose tube.
    We are known for our support of small sports and sports clubs and we are a proud sponsor of a amateur table tennis club Odra Energon.
    We also sponsored an UFC fighter Igor Pokrajac who at the famous Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on 4.12.2010. fought in the light-heavyweight category in the main fight of the evening.

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