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Integrated Facility Management
Technical Facility Management
Infrastructural Facility Management
Commercial Facility Management
Energy Management
Construction Works
Management and maintenance of technical systems on facility premises
  • management and maintenance of all technical-technological installations and equipment on a daily basis
  • technical equipment availability
  • power management (energy management)

    Heating and cooling systems management
  • systems monitoring, control and servicing

    Operative service
  • 100% coverage of facility premises
  • operative expenses minimizing

    Emergency interventions
  • intervention within 60 minutes
  • covering the whole Region ( Croatia, Macedonia, Austria, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania )

    Legally prescribed tests
  • carrying out of legally prescribed tests and obtaining the necessary attestations
  • facility owner representation before state inspections

    Warranty management
  • keeping track of warranty expiration dates for individual systems

    ENERGON Call Center&Help Desk
  • provides our clients with all the necessary information, as well as technical support through the toll-free telephone number
  • technical support resulting in higher quality, faster, cheaper and more complete service for our clients
  • remote supervision and maintenance of our clients’ equipment

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