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Integrated Facility Management
Technical Facility Management
Infrastructural Facility Management
Commercial Facility Management
Energy Management
Construction Works
Hygiene maintenance - Cleaning
  • daily cleaning and maintenance of business spaces
  • cleaning of production premises, halls, workshops and storages
  • cleaning and washing of garage surfaces
  • professional means for cleaning and disinfection
  • used substances are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • appropriately educated and certified personnel

    Property and real estate protection - Security
  • security guarding and bodyguard services for persons and property
  • intervention service
  • personal protected transport
  • premises patrolling

    Reception services and doorman services
  • control of persons entering and leaving
  • postal and courier service
  • copy and printing services
  • locking system management

    Security systems services
  • Burglar alarm system management
  • Video surveillance system management
  • Fire alarm system management
  • Central dispatch system (CDS) implementation and management – integration of security systems

    External facade washing
  • cleaning of all types of facades, including graffiti removal
  • working at heights, accompanied with appropriate equipment and specially trained personnel

    Disinfection, disinsection and disinfestation (DDD services)
  • complete active and passive DDD services
  • implementation of HACCP standard

    Maintenance of green areas
  • garden architecture and civil engineering works
  • design and maintenance of all types of green areas

    Waste disposal and management
  • waste gathering, sorting and disposal
  • keeping of legal records on waste management

    Winter maintenance service
  • preventive actions
  • road and pavement deicing and clearing from snow
  • road and pavement drainage management

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